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This blog is intended for those who enjoy discussing economics and economic policy, especially in the context of Germany. One motivation to start this blog was my impression that in Germany economic policy and modern economics communicate like a long-married couple. Hence the motto of the blog: “Modern economics and economic policy – an attempt at couples therapy”.

This is predominantly a blog in German but once in a while we do a post in English, in order to discuss it with English-speaking bloggers. You can find the English posts here and use the English-only RSS feed for future posts.

If you are interested in reading a German post, click on the headline of that post, copy the URL that appears in your browser (the permalink), and paste it into Google Translate and click on Translate. The translations are surprisingly good.

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I am a 31-year-old German economist, focusing on political economy. On the one hand, political economy is the area in which economists are poaching in political science. On the other hand, it is sometimes a euphemism used by people who can’t decide which area of economics they like best and therefore want to do everything. Since I belong to both groups, I had the chance to learn about many different areas within economics, my secret passion being economic history. My youthful age naturally leads to some exaggerations, passionate posts and, of course, mistakes. Bear with me. I am not a natural blogger, any suggestion is more than welcome (use the mail form below).


Henry Kaspar

Henry (pseudonym) occasionally writes on Kantoos Economics, mostly about macro. He is a German economist and economic historian who has been working in the US for ten years and was (and still is) a well-known commentator on German economic blogs.

Kantoos invited me to write on his blog. Considering the excellent quality — Kantoos Economics in my view has the potential to become the best economics blog in Germany — I am honoured by his offer. And it reflects Kantoos’ tolerance: after all, we disagree on US monetary policy.

Arash Molavi Vasséi

Arash writes as amv at Coffehouse Economics and has been an excellent commenter on Kantoos Economics and other blogs. Readers (and the host) will especially benefit from his expertise in the history of economic thought, that he gained during his (almost finished) PhD on the history of dynamic economic analysis.

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